HiKam A7 - AI-powered Outdoor Camera by German Design and Technology

Trusted by More than 150,000 Household,  Protection by AI Technology

√Easy Setup&Use

√Free Cloud Recording

√Free Human Detection Powered by AI Technology

√Motion Zone Feature

√Waterproof, Full Metal, Build Tough

$59.9  , No Monthly Fee

Quick Easy Setup

Human Detection by AI

Free Cloud Recording


A7 Features At a Glance

Customer Feedback

Human Detection is great! I have raccoons as regular visitors.

On my older camera I got lots of false alams.Now I don’t get those!

- Steve Bobrick

About HiKam

We are a team based in both Germany and US.

Why we made HiKam A7? As we found most of the cameras on the market are with very old technology. Few cameras are with modern technology but too expensive (Nest Outdoor Camera $199 each, plus Monthly Fee for cloud recording and human detection).

Why not a modern camera with affordable price? So it can be helpful for most of the users? That is why we made HiKam A7 and other HiKam models.

Most of the team members have more than 10 years in internet, video or video surveillance industry. We are confident to provide high quality product & service to all of our users.

Speical Promotion

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Support and Warranty

We provide 30-day money back guarantee and one year warranty. We will ask no questions for a return or a refund.

U.S local engineers in our Texas Support Center provide professional and friendly technical support service. Just send email to service.us@hi-kam.com to get support. For emergent case, we provide phone support by calling back.

(ASIN: B075NYPCN3  UPC: 700362323426)