New Firmware Available for HiKam A7&S6

(A7 Firmware 1.1.18, Release date: July 25, 2018) 

(S6 Firmware 1.3.18, Release date: June 15, 2018) 

- Offline bug fixed.
- RTSP enhancement, especially for BlueIris and Synology.
- Cloud Recording Reliability enhancement

This is a stable release target for long time reliable running.
Strong recommend to update to this release.

For Your Information:
- Motion Zone feature is available in the firmware.
Strong recommend adding Motion Zones to your Person / Human Detection or Motion Detection settings, to get more quickly and accurate alarm detection.

- PC Client 2.1.16 Released

    Pure Zip Version:  HiKam PC V2.1.16 ZIP

    Installation Package: HiKam PC V2.1.16

    For Hikam PC Client Quick Manual, just go to

We commit providing regularly firmware update to add news features, enhancements and security patches to ensure your security cameras are always up-to-date with cutting-edge technologies and secure for your home network and privacy.


Major Roadmap for Near Future Releases:
1. Amazon Echo Show Alexa Support
2. MAC Client is coming soon.

*How To Update Camera Firmware



N. Wallace, can you help just send an email to
Our support team will follow up and help resolve your issue.

HiKam Team


@Michael, Hi Michale, this blog is only a notification for new release coming out.
For PC Client download & quick guide, just go to
Sorry for the information makes you confused, we have updated the blog according to it.

HiKam Team

Installer came without instructions

So I installed the PC version. So what now? How do I tell it where my camera is?
Do I have to be on the same network (wireless?)
And does it read the password hash or is there a default password that needs to be changed?
When rolling out software, instructions are kind of mandatory aren’t they?

N. Wallace

I updated the firmware, but now the wi-fi light no longer comes on and my wi-fi capabilities are gone.
Please assist.


You have a PC (laptop/desktop) application now!? Why is the PC app not recognizing my existing signon credentials? Wondering if you intentionally buried it in this update communication or is it just that poorly organized?

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