New Firmware Available for HiKam A7&S6

(A7 Firmware 1.1.18, Release date: July 25, 2018) 

(S6 Firmware 1.3.18, Release date: June 15, 2018) 

- Offline bug fixed.
- RTSP enhancement, especially for BlueIris and Synology.
- Cloud Recording Reliability enhancement

This is a stable release target for long time reliable running.
Strong recommend to update to this release.

For Your Information:
- Motion Zone feature is available in the firmware.
Strong recommend adding Motion Zones to your Person / Human Detection or Motion Detection settings, to get more quickly and accurate alarm detection.

- PC Client 2.1.16 Released

    Pure Zip Version:  HiKam PC V2.1.16 ZIP

    Installation Package: HiKam PC V2.1.16


We commit providing regularly firmware update to add news features, enhancements and security patches to ensure your security cameras are always up-to-date with cutting-edge technologies and secure for your home network and privacy.


Major Roadmap for Near Future Releases:
1. Amazon Echo Show Alexa Support
2. MAC Client is coming soon.

*How To Update Camera Firmware

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